Meet the Team

Given the multi-disciplinary nature of quality related event research, a research team covering a variety of domains from the social sciences and health-care sectors has been assembled. The team includes experts in health care and patient safety, IT diffusion, public policy and governance, service quality and retail management. The team is comprised of a talented group with extensive research backgrounds and experience working on large projects.

Students from both Dalhousie University and St. Francis Xavier University play a valuable role on the SafetyNET-Rx project. Student researchers include Business, Healthcare Management, and Pharmacy undergraduate and graduate students.

Student involvement includes conducting academic literature reviews, data entry, note taking at research meetings, field visits to pharmacies in the local area, and presenting elements of the project at regional and national venues. Students with a thesis requirement are encouraged to concentrate on an aspect of SafetyNET-Rx of interest to them, and incorporate that area into their thesis project.

Core Researchers
Dr. James Barker (Team Lead) Dr. James Barker is a Professor and the Herbert S. Lamb Chair in Business Education at the Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University. Professor Barker's research interests focus on the role of strategic behavior in the development of sustainable knowledge, innovation, and change initiatives and the consequences of these initiatives on organizational governance systems, markets, and practices.
Dr. Todd A. Boyle (CQA Program Assessment) Dr. Todd A. Boyle is a Professor of Operations Management at St. Francis Xavier University. From 2007-2017, Dr. Boyle held the Canada Research Chair in Quality Assurance in Community Pharmacy and was team lead of SafetyNET-Rx. Post-CRC, Dr. Boyle’s primary focus is assisting pharmacy regulatory authorities with deploying and assessing enhanced CQA standards across their jurisdiction.
Dr. Andrea Bishop Dr. Bishop is Postdoctoral Fellow with the Strengthening Transitions in Pediatric Care reserach program at Dalhousie University. Dr.Bishop's doctoral research was completed at Dalhousie University and focused on the role that perceptions play in ensuring greater patient engagement in patient safety practices.
Dr. Neil J. MacKinnon Dr. Neil MacKinnon is Professor and Dean of the James L Winkle College of Pharmacy, University of Cincinnati. Dr. MacKinnon’s research focuses on improving the quality and safety of the medication-use system. Dr. MacKinnon has edited two textbooks and is the co-author of the Canadian bestselling book Take as Directed: Your Prescription for Safe Health Care in Canada. He has given over 250 presentations, including many keynote presentations at meetings in North America and beyond.
Dr. Thomas Mahaffey Dr. Thomas Mahaffey is a Professor of Marketing and Strategic Management at the Gerald Schwartz School of Business, St. Francis Xavier University. His research focuses on service quality, service recovery, and relationship management with a particular emphasis in health care.
Dr. Bobbi Morrison Dr. Bobbi Morrison is an Associate Professor of organizational behaviour at St. Francis Xavier University. Her research focuses on expanded scope of practice in the Canadian pharmacy sector.
Dr. Andrea Murphy Dr. Andrea Murphy is an Associate Professor with the College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie University. Dr. Murphy’s research focuses on how medicines, other interventions, and care models impact aspects of health and how evidence about these interventions is translated to key stakeholders and subsequently implemented in practice.
Health Sector Partners
Sue Sampson Sue is the Deputy Registrar with the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists. She serves as a vital link to the pharmacy regulatory authority in Nova Scotia.
Certina Ho Certina is a pharmacist and medication safety specialist with ISMP Canada. In addition to being a member of the research team, Certina provides guidance on ISMP Canada's tools.