The SafetyNET-Rx program includes an iPad-based mobile application that allows pharmacy inspectors to assess compliance to provincial standards of practice related to quality assurance in community pharmacies. The tool captures detailed information on quality related event (QRE)(i.e., medication errors and near misses) reporting and learning in individual pharmacies that was not previously captured and allows pharmacy inspectors to use an online mobile application instead of manual forms to conduct inspections. Such capabilities improve the quality of data on how well individual pharmacies report and learn from quality related events.

For example, instead of simply capturing the existence or absence of a CQI program, the tool captures key aspects of the CQI program that pharmacies are having difficulty with, highlights areas that must be improved before the next inspection, requires staff to self-assess their pharmacy, and allows pharmacies to trace how their performance changes overtime, among other things.

The current version of CQI-IS is based on the latest developments in cloud technology and can be customized and expanded based on the needs of individual pharmacies, corporate headquarters, or pharmacy regulators.

Please contact our partners, Invicta Health Inc. or The Patient Safety Company for further information and product demos.

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