SafetyNET-Rx CQI Program

SafetyNET-Rx is a continuous quality improvement program designed to improve quality related event (QRE) (i.e., medication errors and near misses) reporting and learning in community pharmacies. SafetyNET-Rx combines the key elements of CQI with the latest in integrative information systems to provide pharmacy staff with the support (e.g., processes, training, and technology) needed to identify, report, and learn from QREs.

Key program elements include a pharmacy-tailored CQI cycle, access to store-level and national aggregate data on QREs for analysis of root causes, training sessions on quality management, online reporting of QREs to a national database, and online tools for pharmacy regulatory authorities to assess compliance to SafetyNET-Rx or their QRE-related standards of practice.

The latest version of the SafetyNET-Rx CQI program deploys the TPSC Cloud™. The platform hosts custom cloud solutions for workflow management and process automation. Each solution improves current processes, manages risks and increases quality and patient safety in healthcare. The different solutions on the platform together form a complete quality and risk management system tailored to the needs of organizations.

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